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Escape the norm and enjoy an immersive experience as you are put in real life situations while trying to solve the puzzle to escape. Can you do it? Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzle and escape the room before time runs out?


Can you solve the crime? Can you solve the mystery? Can you make it out in time ? The clock is ticking and you need to put it all together to solve the puzzles, to get out. How can it be? Who can it be? Figure it out to solve the crime to get out !!!!!

Book now and enjoy time with friends and family, as you work together as a team to put it all together. Also compete and try to get out with the best time. Can you escape before them, only one way to see…..

Mobile Escape Room 

Private Events: $150 for the first hour $75 for every additional hours


Pop Up location: $25 a person 


Please call with any questions and booking 


  • We are located in McDonald PA any private event booked outside 20 miles will be charged for Mileage

  • Deposits of $150 will be required for every private event

  • Deposits will be non refundable

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