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Brett Keller is a long time Pittsburgh musician/recording artist, singer and songwriter who has bands under his belt such as Wicked Submission, Harmless Rhythm and CHASIN' DREAMZ. They released their self-titled album in 2020, While music is a major passion in his life he is also a journeyman machinist, and a very serious motorcycle enthusiast. 


Kaitlian Niedermeyer Is a 12 year Pittsburgh Passion vet; holding up till now three world champion rings with other hobbies such as crafting in many forms. She is very competitive and a huge sports fan. Music plays a major role in her life outside of collecting vinyl.

Together they have built and brought to you No Escape Mobile LLC In hopes that you enjoy this Mobile escape room experience, With each of them having Different entertaining backgrounds, They have tried to think outside the box and incorporate experiences from their life into this escape room we hope you enjoy it thank you and we invite you to try to escape.......

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